How to Garden Your Backyard

If you’re creative and you know just the right tools to use, then you can turn even that small backyard in your home into a fantastic garden.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how you can garden your backyard into something outstanding.

Alright, let’s get started.


  1. Determine your climate zone

Gardening is all about placing the right kinds of plants, just where they are supposed to be at the right time and not otherwise.

You need to know what plants will thrive in your climatic region so you don’t have to struggle with maintenance in the long run.


  1. Decide what you intend to grow in your backyard

After you’ve determined the constraint of your climate, the next step is to have a personal preference on the type of garden you want in your backyard.

It’s more like asking yourself questions like; do I want a vegetable garden, flower garden, container garden, herb garden or a combination?

While you are on this, also consider the space of your backyard, so you will know whether you’re to avoid planting large plants.


  1. Acquire basic gardening tools

Gardening tools set. Rake, shovel, scissors, cutter, fork, gloves, metal bucket, spade, watering pot, seedlings.


Acquire basic gardening tools, like at least a sturdy shovel and gloves to start.

But then has you proceed in the adventure of making your backyard a beautiful sight, you will need more than just a pair of gloves and a shovel.

You will need hand pruners for stems and branches, potting soil scoop so that you can easily fill planters and pots, a hori hori knife, and a small pruning saw.


  1. Make your garden bed

You have to make a decent garden bed for the plants you intend to grow in your backyard. Get rid of any existing vegetation like weed or grasses to create a garden bed.

When making your garden bed, do not till the soil because it can reduce the soil nutrient and disrupt the topsoil, which is not the best.

While doing this, we recommend that the garden bed is not more than 4 feet wide so that the soft soil is not compacted when you step on the centre, undoing all your work.


  1. Plant seedling with care

Seedling gardening plant. Seeds sprout in ground. Sprout, plant, tree growing agriculture.


When you’re planting flowers, herbs, vegetable or potted plants in your backyard garden, you have to make sure that the seedlings or plants are sowed at the proper depth.

You should gently trim the plant on all side for potted plants, so it fits the pot easily without the need to squeeze.

During planting, cover the root of the plant with soil. Ensure that you steer clear from covering the stem of the plant in the process, then press it firmly to the ground.

If you cover any part of the stem, it’s like sending that plant to a death sentence.


  1. Water sufficiently

If you want your backyard garden to thrive and look fabulous no matter changes in season, you have to water your garden sufficiently.

When they haven’t been any rainfall for a while, especially during summer, you can use hose + spray nozzles to provide water manually for your plants at least twice a week.


  1. Maintain your garden

You must maintain your backyard garden, which usually comes with a seasonal rhythm.

For example, during spring, you have to get rid of weeds, while summer will require that you keep the plants well-watered. Pay close attention to your garden at all times. Maintaining your garden can sometimes mean calling in the experts in the game, that is why the best team for gardening in London is LDN Gardener as they provide exceptional service with a high degree of accuracy. Get in touch with them if you need extra help with your garden.



Turning your backyard into a garden is a beautiful adventure on its own because you’ll have to pay close attention to your garden at all time.

Do you have little or no idea how you can turn your backyard into something beautiful?

We’re very optimistic that if you follow our guide, you should have that stunning garden you’ve always wanted right in your backyard.